Binary Vector List

Vector Table

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selection marker selection marker
PID Name P1 G1 P2 G2 Features Files
PID Name P1 G1 P2 G2 Features Files
C388 p7o-LH-U10-LGFP 35s bar Ubq10 link-GFP dicot [gbk][seq][gif]
C308 p9oU10-oR Ubq10 nptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B835 p6o2x35s-UbiZmF-LGFP 2x35s hptII UbiZmF link-GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C629 p6oAct-UbiZm-oGusi-LH ActOs hptII UbiZm oGus monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
B536 pUbiF-ESPS-E9 UbiZmF EPSPS monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C441 p9oUZm-UZmGFP UbiZm nptII UbiZm GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C075 p5oUZmF UbiZmF EPSPS monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
B982 p935sGFP 35s nptII-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B890 p7o2x35s-UbiZm-mGFP 2x35s bar UbiZm GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C633 p9oUZm-D35GFP UbiZm nptII 2x35s GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C384 pRedUH-35s-ocs-LH UbiHa dsRed 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
C192 p6o2x35s-UbiZm-LGFP 2x35s hptII UbiZm link-GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C599 p9o-LH-U10-ocs 35s nptII Ubq10 MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B927 p9oN-35s-ocs-LH Nos nptII 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B888 p6oAct-oGFPi-LH ActOs hptII GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C077 p6oAct-oGusi-LH ActOs hptII oGus monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C442 p9oUZm-ActGFP UbiZm nptII ActOs GFP monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C007 p9o-LH-GFP-ocs 35s nptII GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
C532 p9o-LH-U10-LGFP 35s nptII Ubq10 GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
C204 p9o-UbiAt-DoGus 35s nptII Ubq10 oGus dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B983 p9UbiGfp Ubq10 nptII-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
C138 p6oAct-LH-nos ActOs hptII MCS monocots [gbk][seq][gif]
C378 pRed35s-35s-ocs-LH 35s dsRed 35s MCS dicot [gbk][seq][gif]
C335 p7o-LH-UbiAt-ocs 35s bar Ubq10 MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
C076 p6oUZm-ActGFP UbiZm hptII ActOs GFP monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B599 p7oUZm-ActGFP UbiZm bar ActOs GFP monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B480 p9oUZm-LH UbiZm nptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B479 p7oUZm-LH UbiZm bar monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B478 p6oUZm-LH UbiZm hptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B477 p5oUZm-LH UbiZm EPSPS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B476 p4oUZm-LH UbiZm AHAS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B622 p5oAct-UbiZm-LH ActOs EPSPS UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B621 p5oAct-LH2 ActOs EPSPS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B616 p6oAct-UbiZm-oGFPi-LH ActOs hptII UbiZm GFP monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B615 p6oAct-UbiZm-LH ActOs hptII UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B490 p9oAct-LH ActOs nptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B489 p7oAct-LH ActOs bar monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B488 p6oAct-LH ActOs hptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B487 p5oAct-LH ActOs EPSPS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B486 p4oAct-LH ActOs AHAS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B515 p7o2x35s-UbiZm-LH 2x35s bar UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B514 p6o2x35s-UbiZm-LH 2x35s hptII UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B513 p5o2x35s-UbiZm-LH 2x35s EPSPS UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B512 p4o2x35s-UbiZm-LH 2x35s AHAS UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B485 p9o2x35s-LH 2x35s nptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B484 p7o2x35s-LH 2x35s bar monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B483 p6o2x35s-LH 2x35s hptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B482 p5o2x35s-LH 2x35s EPSPS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B712 p7o2x35s-UbiZmF-LGFP 2x35s bar UbiZmF link-GFP monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B516 p9o2x35s-UbiZm-LH 2x35s nptII UbiZm MCS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B481 p4o2x35s-LH 2x35s AHAS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B475 p9oM-LH 35s nptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B474 p7oM-LH 35s bar monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B473 p6oM-LH 35s hptII monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B472 p5oM-LH 35s EPSPS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B471 p4oM-LH 35s AHAS monocot [gbk][seq][gif]
B639 p5oU10-LGFPi-2 Ubq10 EPSPS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B638 p5oU10-2 Ubq10 EPSPS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B469 pRedU10-35s-ocs-LH Ubq10 dsRed 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B468 p9oU10-35s-ocs-LH Ubq10 nptII 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B467 p7oU10-35s-ocs-LH Ubq10 bar 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B466 p6oU10-35s-ocs-LH Ubq10 hptII 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B448 p9oU10-ocs-LH Ubq10 nptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B446 p6oU10-ocs-LH Ubq10 hptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B441 p9oU10-oGUS-int Ubq10 nptII oGus dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B440 p7oU10-oGUS-int Ubq10 bar oGus dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B439 p6oU10-oGUS-int Ubq10 hptII oGus dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B438 p9oU10-oGFPint Ubq10 nptII link-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B437 p7oU10-oGFPint Ubq10 bar link-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B436 p6oU10-oGFPint Ubq10 hptII link-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B435 p9oU10-LH Ubq10 nptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B434 p7oU10-LH Ubq10 bar dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B433 p6oU10-LH Ubq10 hptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B421 p9oUH-LH-ocs UbiHa nptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B420 p7oUH-LH-ocs UbiHa bar MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B419 p6oUH-LH-ocs UbiHa hptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B418 p9oUH-LH UbiHa nptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B417 p7oUH-LH UbiHa bar dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B416 p6oUH-LH UbiHa hptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B708 p7o-LH-LGFP 35s bar link-GFP dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B425 p9o-LH-35s-ocs 35s nptII 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B424 p7o-LH-35s-ocs 35s bar 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B423 p6o-LH-35s-ocs 35s hptII 35s MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B415 p9o-LH 35s nptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B414 p7o-LH 35s bar dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B413 p6o-LH 35s hptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B422 p6oN-ocs-LH Nos hptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B403 p9oN-ocs-LH Nos nptII MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B402 p7oN-ocs-LH Nos bar MCS dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B401 p9oN-LH Nos nptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B447 p7oU10-ocs-LH Ubq10 bar dicots [gbk][seq][gif]
B399 p6oN-LH Nos hptII dicots [gbk][seq][gif]