Agrobacterium Strains

We only work with strain GV3101-pMP90RK.
This strain works excellent with all dicots. People have also very succesful transformed Brachypodium and other monocots with this strain.

Agrobacterium Strain Chromosomal Background Marker Gene Ti PLasmid Marker Gene Opine
LBA4404 TiAch5 rif pAL4404 spec and strep Octopine
GV2260 C58 rif pGV2260 (pTiB6S3DT-DNA) carb Octopine
C58C1 C58 Cured Nopaline
GV3100 C58 Cured Nopaline
A136 C58 rif and nal Cured Nopaline
GV3101 C58 rif Cured Nopaline
GV3850 C58 rif


carb Nopaline
GV3101::pMP90 C58 rif pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) gent Nopaline
GV3101::pMP90RK C58 rif pMP90RK (pTiC58DT-DNA) gent and kan Nopaline
EHA101 C58 rif pEHA101 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) kan Nopaline
EHA105 C58 rif pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) Succinamopine
AGL-1 C58, RecA rif, carb pTiBo542DT-DNA Succinamopine

General recommendations for plant transformation with binaries.

  • For transformation of dicots we recommend GV3101-pMP90RK and EHA105. We can not recommend LBA4404, though some people are also succesful with this strain.
  • For transformation of Brachypopdium we can also recommend GV3101-pMP90RK.
  • For transformation of other monocots AGL1 and LBA4404 are often used. There exist strains of LBA4404 without and with a strep/spec resistance.